About Us

Do you ever have a hard time finding clothing for your boy?


Do you ever wonder why the girls section in stores are three times larger than boys?


Do you ever think none of the clothing on the market is cute for your boy?


Well if you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then you have found the right place!


My mission is to change the clothing market for boys.  Girls have so many options to choose from where as boys are very limited in their choices.


I don’t know about you, but my young boy loves themes!  He loves to express himself by wearing pirates, boats, trains, or other items.  But I am having a hard time finding these items.  Most clothing items are shirts with mostly words.


I made this coat for my little guy and he loves it!!


It is Unique, One of a Kind, Special coat just for him.  He is so proud to wear this coat that identifies him.


My goal is to make these types of products to make every boy feel special.  Why do we think that only girls want to feel special, boys do too!!!!!


Click the links above to see my product line.  I do small inventory, but I will also do customization orders as well.


Follow me on my journey to change the market for boys and help our Boys feel special too.


My name is Mary.  I am the owner of Phoenixwear LLC.  I want to love what I do. I really believe that there is just nothing on the market right now that allows for young boys and toddlers to really express their personality or anything cute. There are so many clothing options for girls, but just none for boys. If this goes well, to even expand to the men’s wear, as I have heard my son and husband complain about the options for females but nothing for them to choose from. They are so basic and not individualized.


My goal is to allow options for young boys to have fun with their clothing.  I  have come up with some unique designs (between comfort and style) that is not what you see in stores. I am even offering the options of custom making your clothing.  Similar to “build a bear”, but this is building a garment for a little boy.


One such item I noticed is that my daughter’s boyfriend paid over $60 for a basic blazer that had a Christmas light in it. Great idea. It allowed him to be unique and feel the experience that women are allowed to feel each day.


Women can express themselves through makeup, hairstyles, dresses, skirts, many shoe options, pants, leggings, tops, sweaters, purses, jewelry, and etc….  and boys do not have these options. My idea is to design articles of clothing that would allow for individualization and expression of themselves.


Therefore, Phoenixwear LLC came about.  It is the birth of a new beginning for boys wear.

Mission Statement

To provide the opportunity for toddler and young boys to express their personal style without being limited to just what is available on the market. To establish one of a kind clothing representations that will make a young boy feel special.

Philosophy and Vision

  1. To create ethical and opportunistic clothing choices for young boys that allow them to express themselves as individuals, as well as offering fun, creative articles of clothing.
  2. To expand a product line of different design choices, as well as pattern making for young boys. There are very small choices right now for young boys in comparison to young girls.
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