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Everyday people are starting their own businesses online, either through Etsy, Shopify, or their own E-Commerce Website.

You can find millions of videos online from how to setup to huge success stories.

But what you don’t see often are the failures.

Everyone goes into starting their business with hopes of overnight success.

Well that was me……. sigh.

I have been sewing for years and one day after getting compliments and awe of the clothing I was making for my own son, I was told “you should open up your own store online, you would make so much money”.

Outfit I made for my own child

Wow, really, huh, maybe I could???  I see all the video’s how hard could it be.

So, right away I started with what could I name my company.  I knew I wanted to focus soley on boys clothing, as I have found it so difficult to find cute boy’s clothes.

I knew I wanted to name it after my own child “Phoenix”, so my husband and I put our heads together and we came up with Phoenix Wear LLC.

Now, I did the LLC because I read that if you do a LLC business and file as an LLC, you need to have LLC incorporated into the name.  Don’t take my word on it, as I said I read it somewhere, but I can’t remember where.

Next step…. find out if I can have that name as a gmail account.  Turns out I could, it was open.  Then I checked to see if I could have that as my domain name.  As soon as I found out I could have my domain be “Phoneixwearllc” I just paid for it, without thinking or checking for other names.

Lesson Learned:  Now 6 months later, I am learning through studying that you should pick a name that easily identifies what you sell.  Even though I love the name, I am not sure it really says that I make young boy’s clothes.

But too late now, I am sure no one could figure out what “Amazon” did, it all comes down to marketing and branding.

Now onto designing a logo.  So you know all the sites that say for free, or apps that say for free, we’ll really there is always a charge for the nicer items.  So I picked the app Canva


So see how it says create beautiful designs in seconds, well that was true.  It was very easy to use and they had lots of images to choose from.  To get my image I ended up paying only $5.99, which I felt wasn’t bad at all.


Here is my logo.  Now does it really say what I am selling, I am still unsure, but for now I will make it work.

Lesson Learned:  Don’t just settle for any logo.  I wonder if I would have hired someone could they have done better.  I still love mine and hope I can make it work.

Next time – incorporating my business.

Follow me on my journey to creating my business and find out how it is going.