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The day has finally come!!! I have launched Phoenix Wear LLC.  The place to find fun, stylish, unique clothing opportunities for boys wear.

Do you ever have trouble finding fun cute clothing for a boy?

Well let me tell you, I have a three year old boy. After he outgrew the baby clothes and is now in toddler clothes, I have the hardest time finding anything he likes.

My son is into pirates, trucks, and sharks.

Have you ever tried to find pirate clothing?

Well, it is not an easy find. Last summer, my son would only wear pirates. That meant I had to find 7 plus pirate shirts for each day. I went all over my town, online, even Amazon and couldn’t find anything.

I finally ended up making him some.

Now he is into Star Wars, there is some Star Wars clothing, but not much for a toddler.

So I have decided to embark upon making my own clothing line for boys.

When you shop for girls, you have so many different options to choose from, let’s face it the girls section takes over the store.

The boy’s section is so small and limited. Well now, is the time to start letting boys have options too.

I started my line with coats and hoodies, because this is something they can wear everyday.

I have just started creating pants and vests, so stay tuned!


Well don’t let that stop you.  The great Thing about my business is that I allow you to create your own garment from start to finish.


Just go to my website at https://phoenixwearllc.com and choose Fabric Choices to pick your choices.  Then go to Customize Your Order Page, and build your garment from there.

It is that simple, now you will have your own one of a kind garment just for your child, or loved one.

Just think how much fun it will be to build your own garment, the way you want it!!

Come on, what taking so long??? Come visit us at https://phoenixwearllc.com today!!