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This week has been crazy!!! I have been so sick and useless just can’t do anything.  Needless to say it was a week of ice cream and popsicles as my chest was on fire with a nasty head cold.

Today is the first day that I actually have energy to write.

Soooooo with that said, my sewing room is a disaster!! I have so many projects started and my son that everything is all over the place.  This was before my son threw all his toys everywhere, lol.  NOW I can’t even walk in there!! Oh my!  But that’s life.


So I thought I would talk about my experience with a Burda University Class that I had paid for online at the Burda Style Academy website.

I purchased this sew along I believe in the Spring of 2017 from Burda University online.  I believe they were having a half off sale and I got it for $10.00.  This is under their on demand Sew along tab.


This course was taught by Meg Healy was 87 min. long.  The dress is a maxi dress that I tend to wear in the summer and the best part is that it has no zipper.

The class came with the downloaded pdf pattern and instructions.

I felt that Meg was really great.  She went through each step and didn’t miss a beat.  I must say that I did not struggle with any of the instructions (as sometimes I do on the Craftsy classes).

Meg went in order and explained everything.

I used a light sheer chiffon island print (thought would fit well with class, LOL I believe I got this fabric from JoAnn’s back in 2012 when I first started sewing.

I paired it with this lavender purple bemberg lining from JoAnns as well.

This dress turned out perfect!!!


I actually wore it quite a bit last summer.  Sorry no pic’s of me in it.

But I am really glad I took this course.

I purchased a few other sew alongs, but I haven’t started them yet.  I believe I have the bomber jacket and jean jacket.

So many project wishes, so little time!!!!!!!!!!