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Hi Everybody and Happy 2018!

I have to say that I actually made this garment back in December 2017, but I am just getting around to posting this.

I have to say that I love the Georgia top.  I think it is so cute with the ruffles on the top.

The Georgia top was pretty easy to make.  I did struggle a bit with getting my gathers perfect, I am a perfectionist, lol:)

I just bought a gathering foot for my machine to see if that helps.  I have also seen that Clover has this new notion for gathering, I am going to have to try that as well.

Anyway back to the top.  I used this ITY knit from Fabric Mart as I like my tops to not be bulcky.


I also made the work pants, but I will blog about those later.  I used my cover stitch for my hems, but they just turned out okay.

I have been reading up on my cover stitch and found that wooly nylon works best in the lower looper.  I just bought some of that and also some Maxi Lock Stretch Serger thread as I read that helps when sewing with knits as well.

It went together pretty easy and I didn’t have to do any adjustments.  I did grade the pattern.

I am a Pear shape so I did a medium on top and graded out to XL at bottom.

I think this just took a couple days to put together.

In all, I like it and will wear it all winter!

Up next, the Jessica Dress from Mimi G as well!

Have to say that one is going well and coming together fast as well!

Until next time!