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This Christmas I vowed to be more economical consoucious and am trying to make as many Christmas gifts as possible versus buying.

My two year old goes to daycare and there are 8 workers.  Last year I did a variety basket for the workers that consisted of bath salts, eye masks, cozy socks, chocolate, and etc.  But when all said and it was very costsly.  Now I appreciate them a lot as they watch my little one all day.  So I wanted something just as nice this year but a bit more personnel.

So why not infinity scarves????  I have 3 sisters, and 4 co-workers who we gift to.  So this idea is perfect.

They are so easy to make.  I ordered some sweater knits from Fabric Mart when they were on sale back in September.  Since then i have been working on the scarves.

The great thing is that 2 yards makes 2 scarves!!!

It’s so easy.  Unforantely, I have wrapped all of them up but one and I forgot to take pictures along the way.  But here are the steps:

  1.  Fold the fabric in half lengthwise
  2. Cut along the fold all the way down the 2 yards lengthwise
  3. Take the fabric apart and take one piece
  4. Fold the right sides together and sew all the way down the side
  5. Take one side and pull it into the fabric and pull to the other side.  Put your right sides together matching seams
  6. Sew all along leaving a 2 inch opening
  7. Turn it right side out
  8. Now slip stitch the opening
  9. You now have a scarf!!