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Okay so I know that work pants are not exciting, but they are a necessity.  I have been having issues trying to get pants to fit.

Mostly because I keep changing sizes.  My little guy is now 2 and 1/2 and I have gone to a size 14 after having him (I was always an 8, wahhhhhh!!!).  Then lost the weight to a 12 and then to a 10 US size by last year.  But in the year, I have progressed back to a 14:(.

So making clothes have been difficult.

I made 2 pairs of jeans and by the time I got done, they were too small:(

Oh well, one day.

I have this gorgeous Lycra spandex polyester maroon from Frabic Mart that has the perfect stretch and feels great for pants.

I used a pattern I downloaded from Bootstrap patterns.  In all, they were almost a perfect fit.

I did have to adjust the front crotch line a little bit, but the fit with the material worked out great.

Here is the band line.  I like the wide ban line, and they have a side zipper so I didn’t have to worry about doing a fly front.

In all they were not too bad to put together.  The only issue is that I accidentally cut into the front crotch because I didn’t have enough fabric, so i had to fix with interfacing, but I don’t think you can tell, lol.  Hopefully!!!

Here is a completed version on my maniquin with my newly finished Mimi G Georgia top that I love!