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IMG_2316IMG_2317IMG_2318IMG_2319IMG_2320Lately I have been struggling trying to figure out how to fit in a full time job, a full time husband, and an active 2 year old while trying to take care of the house and trying to fulfill my dreams of pursing a career in sewing.

I find that sewing is my passion and calling.  It is something that I would love to do full time.

But finding time to sew is proving to be challenging.  I have been trying to fit in pattern drafting on my lunch hour at work when I can.  But I also am trying to fit in a workout on my lunchour as well, which neither is going too well, as a lot of times I work through lunch.

After thinking a lot, I came up with the perfect solution!  Make my space my child’s space.

I redid my sewing to add space and fun to allow my child to have fun while I get to sew.

He loves it!!!

I added a lot of bright colors and fun toys.  I have found that if I switch out the toys every so often that helps too.

I changed the curtains to add more brightness to the room as the room is downstairs in the lower level of the house.  I also added some fun Paw Patrol stickers to help brighten the walls, while at the same time keeping some of my inspirational photos at the top of the walls.

It isn’t a lot of time, but any time is better then none:)