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Okay I am going to go off track today and come in the current time.

I have a question out there to all the sewers:  How do you manage to balance sewing and life?  Or otherwise put how to have a harmonious life with managing everything?

I work a demanding full time job.  I have an almost 2 1/2 year old son, a 22 year old (who luckily is living out on his own, yes!!!, but does need money here and there, no!!!!!).  I have a husband (who feels like another kid), and a dog (who yet, feels like another kid). LOL

I am struggling trying to find time to do my passion!!!

Luckily at my current position, I am some of the time doing data entry.  While doing this I can listen to Sewing U-Tube videos (with the phone down) can’t get caught.

I love Mimi G, Brittney S. Jones, Sew to Fit, and the Sewing Blab.

While I love these, they are reminding me how much I want to sewwwww, but just am having a hard time fitting it into my daily life.

Prior to the baby, my husband worked second shift, I worked first.  I had plenty of time to sew and workout!!!

But after baby, my whole life has changed.  I was trying to workout on my lunch hour, but that didn’t work as I kept getting so sweaty and still had to go to meetings afterwards.

My husband moved to 1st shift, which I thought would be great, but instead, it means I have to not only pay attention to the little one, but also to him as well.  He wants me to help him with the chores outside!!!

How can I do this, while trying to do the chores inside.  I say I am going to sew every night after the baby goes to bed, but my husband wants me to watch TV with him.

So now I am down to trying to do pattern prep and hand sew on my lunch hour.  This is great!!!  I also try to sew on the weekends when the baby goes down for his nap (this is great).  However, I am still trying to quickly do the laundry and my husband is getting mad because he wants my time.

If the little one is awake he wants me to take him to the part, color, play with trucks, etc.

So my question in how do other women do it!!!

I love to sew, it is my passion and I am so happy doing it, but how do I fit it in.  I thought I would make a schedule, but that ended up with me stressing even more because I wasn’t meeting my deadlines:)

Help!!!  Any advice would be great!!