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This is still one of my favorite dresses to this day. I love this dress and still wear it 4 years later!!!!

Guess I’m getting better!!

For this dress, I used New Look 6122. I did view D.  I need ¾ yd for the bodice, and used the same material for the top facing.

I found this fabric at Joann’s. It was a really nice heavy stretch knit fabric.  Sorry, I don’t have the name of it.

But I fell in love with the design of the fabric.

Purple is my favorite color.

I think I cut a size 16 and I didn’t make any fit adjustments.

Now, here is where I made my mistakes!!!

You can see that I used blue water marker for my marking on the inside.  Boy when they tell you to do a test for anything you are going to mark to make sure it comes out, pleaseeeee make sure you do it.

I marked the front and inside and it was really a job to get the mark off the front. I kept wetting and wetting the material.  I finally got most off the front.  But you can see, I didn’t get any off the inside of the garment.

So you can see I had some issues with the bodice. It was a little too wide for my test (or my boobs are too small, lolJ).  So I tried to sew it more together by hand.

Then I had some issues with the band. I finally used weft iron on to help.  You can still see a little here:



Figure 1

Here is another view of the inside.


Here is a current picture in June 2017 of me in the dress. It still fits and I still wear it.

It was pretty easy to put together, minus the few fit issues I tried to fix myself.

Actually, I would have been better off making the fit adjustments to the pattern versus fixing after. But again at that time, I didn’t realize that much about fit.

I was more concerned with learning construction.

I felt I did a great job!!!


Until next time, Cheerio!