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For my next project, I thought I would try another ‘It’s So Easy, It’s Simplicty’ pattern. This one looks really easy.

It is a long maxi dress with a halter top.

According to the instructions, you can use cotton blends, eyelet, guaze, or silky types.

I went with the silky type. I cut out a size 16 (up again on the scale).

I needed 2 ½ yards of my silky fabric and ¾ yard of lining. Just the top part was lined.

It also required a zipper.

I tend to prefer an invisible zipper to other zippers. I don’t know why, but I actually am better at putting in invisible zippers to other zippers, rather lapped zipper, or exposed zipper.

To me the invisible zipper is much easier. However, it sucks when you have it twisted the wrong way.

One day, I will show you an easy way to do this and I promise, no more taking out the seams of zippers because you twisted it wrong. AHHHHH I can’t tell you how many times I had to take out zipper seams L

I found this so easy to do!!!!

The instructions were great.

I even was able to line up the middle part across the zipper (very proud of self!)

I found the lining very easy to put in. I still struggled with the V part in the middle, but I guess practice will make perfect.

(who am I kidding, still struggling a big now 4 years later, lol!

There weren’t many pattern pieces.

I can’t remember what the name of the material was, but it was from the silk section from Joann’s. I am pretty sure that I got it on clearance.  In the beginning, all my fabric came from clearance.  I needed something to practice on that didn’t cost an arm and leg.

Looking at picture of myself, I could have made a few fit adjustments, but lets face it, I was still learning about construction. Fit, would have been too scary to take on that task at the time.

Beside, now I fit into this garment perfectly (well I have added some pounds since, lol!. See current picture!!

Dress done:

Here is the inside of the dress. You can see that just the top portion is lined.  I felt I did a great job!!!


Here is the front and back inside out. You can see the zipper and the button and thread.  I just used regular thread and one loop.  I actually needed something just a tab bit stronger.

Also, a great tip that I have learned since then, is to interface along the zipper line before installing the zipper. This helps stabilize the fabric for the zipper.

I have tried that tip and it works!!!! I wish I would have known that before!



Dress on my when done in 2013 (sorry about the pics):


Dress on me in June 2017 – sorry about the lighting. I still have this dress and wear it!


Since it is silky, it’s polyester, so it does not breathe well. It is a little bit warm to wear in the summer day, but a summer night would be great.  Problem is, with a 2 year old, I’m in bed before 9:00 am, lol!!

Until next time, Cheerio!