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My husband wanted couch pillows. When we went pricing the pillows at the store, we were astounded at the cost.

My husband said, you can make some.

I thought, well yes, yes I can!!!!

So I went to Joann’s and bought some home décor fabric. Both were on clearance, but I bought this solid yellow fabric and this blue striped fabric.  I am sorry, but I don’t remember the names at all.

I was trying to match some colors in a painting that we have over the fireplace and thought these would coordinate well.

I think I purchased 2 yards of each.

I thought I could just freehand my squares, lol.

I did, but I messed up on the blue striped one and it was so crocked. Also, I had one ruler when I was just beginning.

Hint, you need lots of rulers, I really like the quilters rulers, I have a variety of those now.

I also have a large table mat that covers my whole table and rotary cutter that I just loved.

But, back to the past when I had nothing, but a kitchen table.

So I believe it did 18” by 18”, that was the only ruler I had at the time.

Well, they came out sooooo small!!!! But I kept them anyways.  Look at the yellow and striped blue!


I decided that I just couldn’t do this by myself.   So I found a pattern online, Simplicity #9873 Sewing Patterns for Dummies.

This helped a lot. I believe I did View A.  I know the directions said pillow form, but I felt if I was going to buy that, I might as well have just bought the pillow from the store!

So instead I used fiber fill.

I didn’t really follow the instructions, I just used the pattern piece A to cut out my pieces.

At this time, I didn’t have anymore home décor fabric left, so I had this charmuse brown with swiggle lines on it that I thought would coordinate in our livingroom very well.

So I cut out the pattern, used it as a template, sewed the pillows and here they are:


I probably should have used the pillow form, but I must admit this is a current picture as of June 2017.

Remember I made these in 2013 and look, they are all still holding up pretty good, fiber fill and all.

I have not made another pillow since.

Lets just say home décor isn’t really my thing!

Until next time, Cheerio!