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Well, you seen this dress in the last blog regarding my sewing room.

This dress, gave me so many headaches. I really struggled with this dress.

For this one, I used It’s Simplicity It’s So Easy A2884. I made view A.  The only difference is that view A is longer than view B.




By this time I had put on some weight, so I cut a size 16. Then I seen that this had lining and boning, 14” Zipper, and hook and eye.

I used a light green chiffon fabric that I purchased from Joann’s, again on their clearance. I also purchased the China Silk 100% polyester green lining to go underneath the chiffon.

I have to say, I did not find this easy. To me it was not a beginner pattern.

I consider beginner patterns, to be simple, and easy to understand. I found this pattern to be anything but these things.

I really struggled with the instructions for the bodice.

First I struggled with making the V neck.

I understood instructions #1, 2, and 3 with no problem.

This is where I started getting confused. Now it makes sense to me, but for a beginner, a video would have been better than these instructions.

I was able to do the Neck straps.

But now we are getting into the lining. I attached the lining, but as you noticed in the finished picture, my V in the middle looks horrible.

This was where I was getting confused, attaching the lining, and the boning.

I must have pulled this thing out like 5 times trying to understand the process.

Here is the finished product. For some reason I think the middle portion is too big.  The gathers are a little off.


I guess that some would like it. But it was not a good shape for my body type.  When I put it on, it appeared to have added 10 lbs to me.

I think I ended giving it up to Goodwill. Hopefully, someone liked it.

It was a good first try. You have to learn somehow.

Onto the next project!

Until next time, Cheerio!