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room-5.jpgI have always wanted a large closet. Now I want my own sewing room.

The room is small, so trying to determine how to make both work in the small space was hard, but I did it.

I wanted someplace really girly.

My mom never let us paint the rooms in our house growing up, they always had to be white. Then I moved into different apartments and never took the time to paint the walls and I had to share a small bedroom with my sister who was six years younger than me.

Then we moved into our 3 bedroom house. Master bedroom was mine and my husband’s.  Second bedroom was my son’s and the third bedroom was for my stepdaughter.

Now that my stepdaughter was to old to stay the night, I claimed her bedroom as my own.

I love the color purple. I also found this wall paper at Lowes.  I love Damask.

Then I was so lucky to find matching curtains at Walmart of all places, only $8 a panel!!!!




room 4

I also bought these cabinets from Lowes. I think all together I probably spent $80 total.  But be aware, the are really cheap and break easily.

I found these wire racks at Lowes to hang up my clothes. I love having my clothes out in a visual space so I can see what I have.

I am very anal, so I like having jackets, with jackets, sleeveless with sleeves, and so on.

Oh, and while moving the TV in the room (remember the old on in the other post?) while the cord came out completely from the TV.

This gave me an excellent excuse to my husband to go by a new flat screen TV.

Wow the difference between an old TV and a new flat screen TV is amazing!! How much lighter!!!

I painted the walls a light lavender color, which I thought was a great contrast between the black and white.

This room felt so bright and cheery to be in.

I kept this room for a year. When my husband and I were trying to have a baby, I moved my 19 year old down here and moved my sewing items to his room.

I took down the wallpaperL, sigh!!!!! I loved it so much.

But I wanted to make it more like a dorm for him, so I painted it a real light taupez brown and got him black curtains, but more on that later!!

Until next time, Cheerio!