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Now that I started to sew, it’s time to find some space in the house for me.

This is a downstairs bedroom that I decided to claim as my own personal space. We also sometimes have some water issues, so it is not the most convenient place, but will allow me my own personal space to sew.


I wish I had more pictures to show you, but apparently I didn’t take that much. My mom gave me her old table and chair, so I now had a place to put my machine.

I also used the table as my cutting table as well. Only downside is that you have to take everything off the table when you sew.

I had a book regarding fashion, so I tore out the pages and put them in Dollar store frames and hung them up around the room for inspiration.

As you can see we had an older TV, but it worked!!!

I have had the bookcase for years and I began putting my patterns into the bookcase.

I also used some of the storage drawers to hold my fabric and a shelving unit to hold my fabric.

My mom gave me her mother’s sewing basket (the pink one on top of the bin).

Since there wasn’t much light, I used a cheap lamp my son had used.

For now, this felt like the perfect space.

PS, I redid the room later and felt like a queen. However that didn’t last long, as I became pregnant and had to move my 19 year old son down to this room.

He later moved out on his own, but let’s just say I am still trying to carve out a perfect space for my sewing, sigh!!!!

I envy the pictures posted online of large craft rooms.

Oh well, someday!!!

Until next time, Cheerio!