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I know this doesn’t fall in line with my journey, but I found something so exciting today that I thought I would share it.

I was reading the most recent post in ‘Curvy Sewing Collective’ and read about Erica that has created a My Body Model Croquis.



The link is above.

They are fashion templates according to your measurements.  You input your measurements and you actually have your own body template to do your drawings on.

This is awesome!!! I used to have a more hourglass shape, but since the baby, I have been all sorts of shapes.  First I gained 90 lbs with the baby, had preeclampsia, took about 9 months to lose 45 lbs, and then a year later lost the other 35 lbs, but now gained back 25 lbs.  AHHHHHHHH, so frustrating.


This is so cool, because I can’t seem to stay the same size, this will help me determine what garments will look best on my body shape at any given time.

Check it out!!!