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Back again. After success with the construction of the two dresses, minus the mishap with underlinings and linings, I decided to try my hand back at making a top.

I really liked this Mcall’s pattern M6400. At this time all my patterns were from Joann’s because they kept having their either 5 patterns for $5 sale, or their 3 patterns for $5 sales.

To be honest I didn’t even know a thing about the Indie pattern companies. I think I just learned about them in the beginning of 2017, by signing up for sewing blogs and hearing the sewing lingo of Indie pattern companies.

I now see that Mccalls even has a link on their pattern website for these. I actually start trying a few out in 2017, so stay turned for future blogs!

Okay, back to the pattern. The pattern referenced that it was an easy knit.  Sounded easy.  I went with View B.

The reason I went with it, was because it looked so flattering.

I have always had a hourglass figure, but also wide in the front. I don’t seem to carry weight in the front of me, or the back (meaning I have a very flat rear end, oh noooo!).  I will go into flat rear ends in another post.  In 2017, I learned more about how to make a flat rear end look more curvaceous.

But I have very wide flat hips, and small waist and at that time I was wearing a 36B bra.

So I always liked to have tight-fitting tops to show off my curves.

This came with a price. I had to workout 6 days a week for at least an hour a day to maintain the shape.

I pretty much would wear mediums in ready to wear and could usually get away with a small.

Skip forward to 2017 after baby, whole body has changed and no time to workout.

So in 2017, I would not be picking this top.

Back to 2013.

This top was actually really easy to put together. I believe that I had purchased the fabric from Fabric.com.

Again, I struggled a bit with the neckband, as you can tell, it was very wavy.

Now, I probably would have used stitchery witchery to help stabilize the neckband. I also have a coverstitch machine that I would have used.  I just got my coverstitch in 2017 and love, love, love my coverstitch!!!.  Boy I wished I would have had a coverstitch when I started sewing.  What a time saver and so easy!!!

This fabric was a cotton knit.


I cut a medium and liked that it was only a yard and a half of fabric, which is great. I cut it right out of the envelope and didn’t grade anything to fit.  Notice the Medium has a 34 ½ inch bust, but this really fit my 36 inch bust really well.

I think being a knit, being able to stretch made the fit good.

After some washes though, the fabric didn’t hold up so good. The neckband got more stretched out and the color faded a lot.

In time I did end up tossing it, as it just didn’t wash well. I wish I had more pictures of it.

Who knows maybe as the little one gets older and find time to work out (yeah right), I will make it again.

But for now, this is not my current style in 2017, but it is still really cute. Who know’s maybe one day!!!

Oh well, on to the next project!

Until next time, Cheerio!