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Since I had great success with the last dress, I decided that try again. It was driving me crazy that the neckband didn’t fit perfect on the gray dress.  Practice makes perfect.

I decided to do Simplicity 2588 the same as the last post. In fact, I did the exact same dress.  Guess I was being lazy because all the pieces were cut out for me already.

I went this time with this lovely silky fabric that just looked gorgeous to me!! I know I got it from Joann’s on clearance.  It was one of their silky prints.  But it was very thin.

This one went together very fast, considering me working full time, had a high schooler, and working out, while taking care of two dogs and husband.

I think it only took me two weeks to make this dress.


I really loved the blue colors and wish I could find something like this again. I have been on the lookout but haven’t seen anything.  Let me know if any of you find anything like this!!!

Again, I thought I had did a great job with the construction.

I made on huge error, this fabric was so, so thin, it really needed a lining. In fact the first time I wore it, I ripped a hole in the material (at work!!).  I was near the thigh.

Luckily it was a small hole, but one I could not figure out how to fix at that time.

I kept the dress with hopes of trying to repair it, but then eventually got rid of it because #1, weight came back on. #2 I think I would have to do a lining and maybe more stabilizers in places.  I am not sure I even used any.

It wasn’t until later and a lot of Crafty classes that I learned about underlining, stabilizers, and linings.

Oh well, on to the next project!

Until next time, Cheerio!!