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Since I had great success with my last dress, I thought I would do another dress. This time I thought I would try Simplicity 2588.  I liked the idea that there were many different versions of the dress that I could try to make.


I liked how the yellow dress looked on the front so I decided to go with that one.

dress instr.gif

By this time I have began working out, so I was now able to finally cut a size 12. I had this gray material that seemed great.  As seen below, I was undecided about this gray material or this purple cotton material.


I decided to go with the gray. Both were cotton.  I can’t remember what the gray was.  It had no stretch and was very thin.  I remember that I got it on sale at Joann’s.

As time passed, I learned to take pictures of the fabric bolt before I took it to get cut.

This one went together pretty good. It had princess seams and I didn’t struggle with that.  I followed the instructions.

As you can see I struggled a bit with the neckband. Now in the future, I realized that #1, the material was so thin, I should have used either an underlining, lining, or even both.

If I were to do this again, I would probably use both the underlining and lining. I think this would have helped a lot.

I think I only wore it twice because it wrinkled so much. The underlining would have helped with that issue.  Also, it seems that the size 12 sewing pattern didn’t fit for too long.  Apparently, if you stop working out, all the weight comes back on, LOL, oh well!!!

I didn’t keep this one for long. Because I didn’t use underlining or lining, it ripped really easily at the seams.  It really needed more stabilizing pieces underneath.  Lesson learned!!

But in all, I really was very proud of my construction job. The shoulders slid forward a tad bit, but otherwise the fit was pretty good.

I have found that dresses are probably the most forgiving with fit issues. At least that is what I have found, what about you?

On to the next project.

Until next time, Cheerio!!