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My next project is to try a dress. I came across this pattern at Walmart.  It is called Simplicity Sew Simplicity E1989 and was sizes 6 to 18.

As I looked at the back, I seen that it looked really simple. I went ahead and cut a 14, which I figured would work.  Luckily, for me, I seemed to fit a 14 pretty good (this was 5 years ago, lol, now need to cut a size 16, sometimes 18 L.

I have since learned that I really need some adjustments for the shoulders, as it seems that I always have problems with them slipping forward.

I also have noticed that in some patterns, I may need to grade in at the waist just a bit, and out at the hip just a bit. I have a sort of hourglass figure.

Well it depends on what dieting stage you catch me in.

For most of my life I have gone back and forth between a ready to wear size 8 (size 6 on some small occasions) to a size 12 (which was rarely until recently).

This has made my sewing hard, because I am always changing sizes!!!!!!

So I thought this dress would be perfect because it was such a simple shape. Just a sheath dress with a tie belt.  This dress would accommodate many different sizes of my ever changing size.

It’s mostly just a big dress and then the waist is cinched in with a belt. Perfect.

I had this fabric that I purchased from Joann’s on clearance. It is a simply silk type fabric.  It has no stretch, I liked the black with the flower contrast and I really like the flower repeat pattern.


I was very proud of myself because I was able to cut the fabric with the flowers all going the same direction.

I know, that’s a no brainer right???? Well not for a newbie. But I figured it out!

After I cut it, I was so excited that just had to display it on my dress form.  Don’t mind the mess behind it, this was just the beginning phase of me developing my sewing room.  PS, I still don’t have it right after 5 years.


I actually found it really easy to put together. I struggled with the bias binding on the neckline.  I think I ended up using web fusing to get most of the parts done.  I didn’t realize the special sewing feet.  Also sometimes I think it just takes practice to get most of these sewing things down.

It has a seam down the middle back and has to bust darts. The front was cut on the fold.



I decided to actually attach this type of lace string to the belt to add some interest.


I also struggled with the blind hem stitch. I just couldn’t seem to get it right.  After Googling, I decided that it would just be easier to do the hem by hand.

At that time I didn’t really understand stabilizing and the material was really slippery.

In all this dress turned out really nice and I loved it. I think I wore it almost every week in the winter.  Looks great with leggings and boots.

I still have it and even tried wearing it this winter. It just fits, but feels a little snug.  Oh well will have to wait a little longer to fit in better, hmmmmm some day!!!

I love this dress and thought this was a great project.

Until next time, Cheerio!!

This is the finished dress back in 2013:


Here is me in the dress in June 2017. Yes, I have green in my hair.  I am always willing to try anything different.