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For my next project I decided to tackle a vest for my husband.  I found this New Look 6036 pattern and figured that I would make View F.  I thought it looked the most manly.

I didn’t measure my husband, but I figured that a medium would work, as I usually buy him medium tops.  He works out, so he has really broad shoulders, big arms, and a small waist.

Sometimes it’s not fair, he was born with athletic genes in his genetic makeup.  I was born with the take one look at food and it’s already on your body makeup.  Oh well, life goes on.

I got this gray material from I believe at Joann’s on clearance back in 2012, so they probably don’t have it.  I can’t even remember the name of it, but it is like suiting material.

I remember it was actually easy to sew and the vest went together really well.  It even had lining and I was able to that that as well.

By this time, I have been on google quite a bit and learned a lot more about sewing.  I learned about darts, right sides together, lining.

Thank goodness for the internet.  I believe that if there was no internet to help teach me I probably would have given up.  Thank you Google!  Thank you everyone for your posts!  You kept me going!

The instructions were actually pretty easy to follow.  The best part was, that I was able to understand them:)

The darts are a little bit uneven, but you have to look closely to determine that.  The welt pockets even turned out okay, but I have since learned better techniques for these in the past five years.

For the buttons, I was afraid to use the machine so I hand sewed the buttons.

Yes, I even had to Google how to sew the buttons on.  Can you believe that I was never shown this before.  I remember taking a Home Economics class in high school, but I never remembered doing any type of sewing.  I remember cooking, and balancing a checkbook.  Now I hate cooking, but balancing the checkbook is something I am meticulous about, lol.

After viewing many videos about sewing on buttons, I decided it was best to use two strands of thread so I could just tie off for the end.  This seemed to have worked for this instance.

The black shirt is a ready to wear shirt that we had previously purchased for him before.

Finally, a project that I was very proud of.  I couldn’t tell you how excited I was that this turned out.  I felt this I found my passion.  I am now officially addicted to sewing!

I have pics of my husband modeling it, but he is too shy to let me post them, so your going to just have to settle for these pics.

I probably should have made a large for the shoulder area and graded it to a medium around the waist.  It is snug around the chest.  But at that time I never even heard of the word grading.

It is amazing how much there is to learn about sewing:)

I think in the past five years he has only worn it once.  It is still in his closet.  Oh well, I thought it was great!!! Onward and upward!!!

Until next time, Cheerio!!