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After failing at pants, I decided a top would be the best way to start my sewing adventure.

I looked through my patterns and found Burda 7866, this looked easy enough.

I actually had some pink fabric, that I had purchased from Fabric.com.

pink fabric

This time I read the back, took my measurements, and cut a size 16.  This was one of the patterns that I had bought under the assumption that sewing patterns were the same size as ready to wear.  But luckily for me, this one came in size 10 through 22.

The cut was easy enough, now time for the interfacing.

I must admit, I never used interfacing before.

Attempt #1 – opps interfacing is now on my press cloth.

Attempt #2 – opps interfacing is now on the other side of my press cloth.

Attempt #3 – Googled interfacing, okay, the bubble side goes on fabric.  Okay, got it.  Opps – put iron on interfacing and fabric too long, now have a burnt hole.  I really wish I had a picture to show you, but I don’t.  You wouldn’t believe it.  Has anyone else ever done this?

Attempt #4 – Got it!!!!!!

Time to sew the bottom yoke to the top.  I didn’t really understand right sides together at that time, again trying to teach self.  I don’t know how I did it, but I did get the bottom attached, however, if you look on the inside, you will see that I did it by placing two piece on top of each other and then sewed so the yoke seam is sticking up.

I soon learned after that you do right sides together.

Now the neck band – okay this is really sloppy.  If you look at the picture I somehow was able to get it on.

You can tell at this point I still did not understand right sides together.

Time for the tie band – this turned out okay, but you can see that the corners are not really poked out.  I didn’t understand clipping seams and corners at that time.

You know, they really are not very clear in the instructions.

One thing I learned about sewing patterns, the instructions are really difficult for a newbie, just saying.

In all, I was very proud of what I did and even wore it a few times.  However, after learning more about what I should have done, I soon just put it to the back of my closet and eventually tossed it.

pink top

At that point, I didn’t realize that I maybe could have fixed it, or even tried to use the fabric in a different way.

Oh well, can’t go back.

On to Project #3!

Until next time, Cheerio!!