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I know that my grandmother was a great seamstress, and my mother used to sew when we were little.  My mother said that she was taught by her mother-in-law, my grandmother and that she was a fantastic sewer.

I unfortunately never got the opportunity to have her teach me, as she passed away when I was very young.

My mother states, that she didn’t really enjoy sewing, but did it to save money by sewing our clothes when we were younger.  Then I remember her making and selling Cabbage Patch dolls for a time to earn extra money.

That didn’t last long, as she moved into decorating cakes to make money.  As me and my sisters grew older, she ended that task and began the focus of being the mommy carpool taking us kids all over the place.

She has never went back to her crafty roots.

I remember when I was a little girl; I loved my Barbie dolls and all their clothes.  I kept everything so organized and clean.  I just loved dressing them up in their clothes.  At one point I do remember trying to make them some clothes out of a blanket.  Let’s just say, it didn’t work.

Then I remember in high school, I was never one to buy the teen magazines that had pictures of all the heartthrobs in them.  There were never any pictures in my locker of boys.  It was always clothes.

I would babysit and take that money and buy Vogue, Seventeen, and YM magazines and just spend hours looking at them.

I would sit and draw clothes with my color pencils and hang them all over my bedroom wall with aspirations of being a fashion designer one day.

But life happens and that career choice was never made.  Instead numbers were the game and Accounting was the choice.

Many years later, while at work, I spotted an outfit that I really like, but it was way out of my price bracket.  When it dawned on me, that I could actually make it.

I have been watching Project Runway, if they could make it, so could I.  It seemed so easy, so I thought:)

My Sewing Adventure Begins!!!!

Step 1: Buy the patterns right?

Step 2: Buy the sewing machine

Step 3: Buy matching thread

So I found the local Joann’s ad and seen that one certain days, patterns were really cheap!!, Yes! That works.  So for the next three weeks I loaded myself with patterns:

I bought fabric from the clearance section.  Just anything that looked beautiful.  I thought I could just make anything with any type of fabric, was just so excited and trying to buy really cheap.

So with my stock of fabric, thread, and patterns, I was ready to go.

I found this Brother sewing machine at Walmart for $129.97 (this was about 5 years ago, today it is $89.00) It is the Brother CE1100PRW.

I also ordered a dress form from Amazon.  It has dials on it.  I think it was the cheaper version.  It’s not stable and the shoulders don’t collapse in.  But it works!

I have actually been using this for the past 5 years and still using it.  It has held up really good.  Although I must admit that I am eyeballing a professional dress form.  Well I have been for the past year, just trying to save up money for it.  Hint, Hint to my husband:)

1st sewing machine

I had to watch a lot of videos on U Tube to figure out how to thread it, but once I got the hang of it, it was easy.

I picked up some Fiskars scissors for about $8 after coupon at Joann’s and a couple of sewing books at Joann’s.  Joann’s actually let me use their coupons on their books, what a steal!

From reading the books, I learned that needed sewing machine needles, marking tools, iron, ironing board, and pressing tools.  Wow who knew you needed all this stuff.

Back to Joann’s!:)

Now with fabric in hand, I am ready to begin Project #1.

Until next time, Cheerio!!