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  • About Phoenix Wear LLC

    Do you ever have a hard time finding clothing for your boy?

    Do you ever wonder why the girls section in stores are 3x's larger than boys? Do you ever think none of the clothing on the market is cute for your boy? Well if you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then you have found the right place! My mission is to change the clothing market for boys. Girls have so many options to choose from where as boys are very limited in their choices. I don’t know about you, but my young boy loves themes! He loves to express himself by wearing pirates, boats, trains, or other items. Since I can't find these items, I have decided to make them myself. My boy loves these clothes and expressing himself. Join me by letting your boy enjoy his clothing choices too!



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Philosophy and Vision

A. To create ethical and opportunistic clothing choices for young boys that allow them to express themselves as individuals, as well as offering fun, creative articles of clothing.

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B. To expand to a product line of different design choices, as well as pattern making for young boys. There are very small choices right now for young boys patterns in comparison to the young girls markets. The same is true for the limited amount of clothing choices for young boys in comparison to the young girl’s choices.


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Mission Statement

To provide the opportunity for toddler and young boys to express their personal style without being limited to just what is available on the market. To establish one of a kind clothing representations that will make a young boy feel special.